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Dental Bridge
Dental Bridge services offered in Willowbrook, IL

A dental bridge offers the chance to fill a gap in your smile and restore both the appearance and functionality of your teeth. In the hands of a highly skilled dental specialist like Aušrinė Schneider, DDS, of Distinctive Dental, residents of Willowbrook, Illinois, can achieve impressive results using dental bridgework. Booking a visit online or by phone is the first step, so don’t delay. 

How do dental bridges work?

A dental bridge, often referred to as bridgework, is a restoration consisting of one or more artificial teeth secured to adjacent natural teeth. Bridges are used to fill in the gaps left when you lose one or more teeth. 

Missing teeth can certainly make it difficult to feel confident about the appearance of your smile, but they also create dental health issues. Once one or more teeth are lost, the adjacent teeth can begin to shift out of alignment, loosening the bond between teeth and bone. 

Missing teeth also change the dynamics of your bite. This can place undue pressure on your remaining teeth, which can cause excessive wear and damage. 

Bridgework restores the structural integrity of your bite while improving your smile’s appearance. 

Why choose a dental bridge over other options?

You have options when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Dental implants are a popular choice and work to replace both the visible portion of your tooth as well as the root. However, implants are a more expensive option than a dental bridge. They are also not possible for patients who lack sufficient bone tissue or cannot withstand oral surgery. 

Partial dentures are another option for replacing missing teeth. Dentures are removable devices that sit atop your gum tissue. They can be crafted to fit around your remaining natural teeth and need to be removed for proper cleaning. Many people prefer dental bridgework because your bridge is permanently affixed to your adjacent teeth and is a secure and durable restoration. 

Do dental bridges need special care?

Once your dental bridge is complete, there is very little need for special care. Dr. Schneider will show you how to floss around your new bridge, which can be helpful in removing plaque and bacteria from the spaces between your bridge and gums. 

Simply continue to embrace good brushing and flossing habits to prevent dental decay or gum disease. As with your natural teeth, take care to avoid placing excessive pressure on your bridgework. Things like chewing ice, biting down on pencils or other non-food items, and grinding your teeth at nighttime can weaken or damage your bridge.

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